The Editor of journal Chem, Dr. Robert Eagling Visit DICP

Deng Group, Dalian Date:2018-05-07

On May 3rd, invited by Prof. Dehui Deng, Dr. Robert Eagling, editor-in-chief of Journal Chem, Cell Press, and Fenglin Liao, deputy editor-in-chief, come to visit Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics.
     In the morning, Robert Eagling delivered an academic speech entitled "Publishing in Chem from Cell Press"  in the conference room on the first floor of the Energy Foundation Building. The report was hosted by Deng Dehui. To begin with, Robert Eagling introduced the development history and team members of the Chem journal, then he introduced the process of journal submission and refereeing at great length, problems and precautions in the submission process were also mentioned. The report is full of real stuff and the discussion atmosphere is active.
      In the afternoon, Dr. Robert Eagling and his party visited the State Key Laboratory of Catalysis, the State Key Laboratory of Molecular Reaction Dynamics, the Laboratory of Catalysts and New Materials for Aerospace, the Biomass Conversion & Bio-Energy, the Division of Solar-Energy and the Division of Energy Storage . In-depth exchanges and discussions with experts and scholars of DICP were conducted. (Text and Imaged by Hehua Gao and Mingxia Xu)