Prof. Hongjie Dai Visits DICP as Zhang Dayu Lecturer

Deng Group, Dalian Date:2018-09-26

In September 25th, Hongjie Dai, who is a member of the National Academy of Sciences, fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and the J. G. Jackson and C. J. Wood Professor of chemistry in Stanford University, invited by Prof. Dehui Deng and presented the Zhang Dayu Lecture (the 30th Issue) titled "Carbon Based Nanosciences". About 200 persons attended the lecture. Prof. Zhongmin Liu, the director of DICP, hosted the lecture and awarded Prof. Dai the title of Honorary Professor in DICP and the certificate of Zhang Dayu Lectureship.


In the lecture, Prof. Dai firstly reviewed his work on carbon-based nanomaterials and their applications in fluorescence biological imaging systems; then focused on his work on new types of electrocatalysts for renewable energy applications and the development of rechargeable Al ion batteries. In the afternoon, he also guested the academic salon for postdoctoral fellows.

During his visiting, Prof. Dai also visited the State Key Laboratory of Catalysis, State Key Laboratory for Molecular Reaction Dynamics, Laboratory of Catalysts and New Materials for Aerospace, Division of Solar Energy, Division of Fuel Cell and Battery, Division of Energy Storage, Division of Biotechnology and discussed with some scientists. (Text by Hehua Gao and Wanjun Li, Imaged by Huageng Li)