Yunchuan Tu Won the “2016 Best Paper Award” of JEC

Deng Group, Dalian Date:2018-08-28

Recently, The review paper entitled “Nanocarbons and their hybrids as catalysts for non-aqueous lithium-oxygen batteries” (J. Energy Chem. 2016, 25, 957) won the "2016 Best Paper Award" of Journal of Energy Chemistry

In this review, the recent advances and basic understanding related to the carbon-based oxygen electrode catalytic materials for Li-O2 batteries were summarized. Several key points and research directions of the future design for highly efficient catalysts of practical Li-O2 batteries were also proposed. The Journal of Energy Chemistry (IF: 3.886) is a publication that mainly reports on creative researches and innovative applications of chemical conversions of fossil energy, carbon dioxide, electrochemical energy and hydrogen energy, as well as the conversions of biomass and solar energy.(Text and imaged by Yunchuan Tu)