Min Wei  (魏民)

Graduation Destination:

Sichuan University



Education Background

2015.09 – Present    Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, Sichuan University

2012.09 – 2015.06   M.S. in Polymer Chemistry and Physics, Sichuan University

2008.09 – 2012.06   B.S. in Chemistry, Henan Normal University

Research Interests

Novel non-precious metal catalysts for electrochemical energy conversion and storage, such as Li-air batteries and water electrolysis


Running, Badminton


1. 储伟,魏民,李敬等,一种镍钴基-碳纳米管复合电极材料及其制备方法,20170105886.X,发明专利,2017.01.23,中国


1. Min Wei, Qingsong Huang, Yanping Zhou, Zhu Peng, Wei Chu

Ultrathin nanosheets of cobalt-nickel hydroxides hetero-structure via electrodeposition and precursor adjustment with excellent performance for supercapacitor

Journal of Energy Chemistry 2018, 27, 591

2. Jing Li, Min Wei, Wei Chu, Ning Wang

High-stable a-phase NiCo double hydroxide microspheres via microwave synthesis for supercapacitor electrode materials

Chemical Engineering Journal 2017, 316, 277

3. Min Wei, Miqin Zhan, Dongqin Yu, Hui Xie, Manjie He, Keke Yang*, Yuzhong Wang

A novel Poly(tetramethylene ether)glycol and Poly(ε-caprolactone) based dynamic network via quadruple hydrogen-bonding with triple-shape effect and self-healing capacity

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2015, 7, 2585